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Combining our high-quality technologies with our long-term proven expertise makes us a valuable partner for many industries around the middle-east.


Successful metalworking begins with a thorough understanding of the process and requirements

Features of Sarad Cooling lubricant

Soap is prepared by mixing water with a certain amount of soluble oil, and the amount of added oil can vary from 3 to 15% depending on the type of machining process. The milky color of soap is obtained from the formation of an emulsion resulting from the dispersion of oil particles in water, and its uniformity is important.

sarad soap

Features of Sarad Cooling lubricant

No fog in the air

Processes in which the speed of the machining machine is high, the contact of the soap with the surface of the tool causes the creation of very fine particles in the working environment, which has a negative effect on the respiratory system of people, which is measured by reliable laboratories at different times. It is assumed that it should be below the defined standard value.


Due to the high heat created in the working machine and also the negligence of the production manpower such as smoking, etc. at the workplace may cause the ignition of the soapy water. Of course, there is very little possibility of fire in oils that are mixed with water.


The toxicity of the used soap can irritate the operator’s skin and cause various skin diseases and even cancer. As a result, no toxic substances should be used in the soap solution. Most of the soluble oils produced by different companies are not highly toxic at the beginning of the work, but When they reach the stage of decay, their toxicity increases.

Expected parameters of the lubricant (Sarad soap)

In general, the parameters and properties that can be expected from the soapy water used to perform optimal machining operations are as follows:

  • High cooling capacity
  • Proper lubrication
  • Corrosion protection
  • Stability against bacterial spoilage
  • Appropriate viscosity
  • Health and safety considerations

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